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Koki Matsui and Takashi Sugawara Quartet / Freeture (cerbera records)

1.Our Blues (Koki Matsui)
2.Straight Street (John Coltrane)
3.Evasive (Koki Matsui)
4.Superman (Charlie Parker)
5.Freeture (Koki Matsui)
6.Weaver of Dreams (Victor Young)
7.Imitation of Dazzling (Koki Matsui)
8.What a Difference Day Made (Maria Grever)
9.I can't get salvation (Koki Matsui)

松井宏樹/alto sax 菅原高志/drums 加藤一平/guitar 小牧良平/d-bass  (2016/7/6)


Koki Matsui4 / Live at UNAMAS (unamas label)

1.Warm (Koki Matsui)
2.My one and only love (Guy Wood)
3.The way you look night (Jerome Kern)
4.Blues in sanding (Koki Matsui)
5.Muddy in the bank (Steve Swallow)
6.Zec (Thad Joes)

松井宏樹/alto sax 魚返明未/piano 大塚義将/d-bass 吉良創太/drums  (2014/5/14)

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